As much as we wish we did not need funds to make this amazing project come about… we do!

Fortunately we live in a world, where we all just want to contribute to people’s life and are simply waiting for a request. So here’s our request:

We need:

Businesses willing to donate their services or merchandise for our photo-shoots

  • Art supplies stores
  • Fabric stores
  • Camera stores
  • Photography Studios

We are also open to monetary donations. With mostly everyone donating their time we’ve calculated we need approximately $300 for each photo-shoot. That would cover any supplies needed.

Contact us to tell us the great news of someone wanting to sponsor us.


4 Responses to “How can you help”

  1. Dj Ernie said

    hi i saw your craigslist page asking for a dj for the fundraiser. i would love to donate my services for your fundraiser at the hardrock cafe. i have the basic equiptments that comes with lighting and a laptop for all of our party anmials. i play all types of music from 70’s to today. from hip pop to pop, from salsa to rock. you name it i have it. you can e mail me at etnd11011@aol.com or call me at anytime at 561-713-7902. let me know the datwe and time. i am booked july 4th after that i am free til september. you have any question’s please dont be afraid to ask. and i do understand its no charge, no problems. thank you

  2. I’m a DJ and I own a Production Company and will like to see if you can use my services for your up coming event.
    Give me a call if I could be of any service I’ve helped out Light House for the Blind in the past so I do have some refrences if needed. Gibson 754-422-0423

  3. Amy Calderwood said

    Greetings: I am 41 years old, as of May 2009. I had open heart surgery in November 2008, at age 40. I was diagnosed with a thoracic aortic aneurysm and aortic valve failure, requiring emergency surgery.

    It sounds like I am too old for the project, but thought I would let you know of my interest in case you’re flexible.

  4. nancy welch said

    I have just had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve, my ascending aorta and my arch. Although I am 43 I am “young at heart” and in body and soul. Previous to the surgery I was an athlete (rock climber, runner, skier, mountain hiker). I had a very difficult surgery and spent nearly one month in the hospital do to complications from the heart lung machine. I am finally on the road to recovery and trying to slowly resume my athletic endeavors.I know age wise I do not fall within the perimeters of your project but would love be to be included. I’m still adjusting to the surgery but I am proud of my scar because it is the visual representation of a second chance.

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