Aimee Jackson

Aimee Jackson


Debra North

Debra North

Behind the scenes photos and videos coming soon……


9 Responses to “Behind the Scenes”

  1. Julie McCracken said

    I am 34 years old and have had two open-heart surgeries. Unfortunately I live in Austin,Tx. What can I do to support this unique cause?

  2. Andi Fontane said

    I am 55 years old and have had open heart surgery. I commend you for taking on this beautiful endevor to show that even with a chest scar we are still beautiful inside and out.
    I too try to hide my scar and am always wondering if people are talking about me behind my back, but hopefully after your project is complete I can hold my head up high and say “I am beautiful”
    Thank you so much for doing this for those of us who think we are not a complete woman with a chest scar.

    • I am reading your response and wiping my tears. I am the woman Angelica speaks of in her blog. I had open heart surgery 2 years ago and I am now 38 years old. My surgery fell just five months after being married and if that did not chase my love away nothing will. I decided to rethink my choices in life and my husband and I moved to Fort Scott, KS and bought an abandonded school building to turn it into a creative art center for all to enjoy. I too used to sufer from those feelings of being what I call “a club member of a club so few belong to.” My friends would get together discuss, botox and necessities of plastic surgery but I never felt that was right for me even though my scar has excessive keloid marks and it is quite unsightly. Thankfully my husband says it is beautiful and I have learned to come to terms with it. Now, I often feel ashamed if I cover it up. I am who I am and we are fortunate to have been saved. I commend Angelica on bringing a discussion to life, running with it and finding a way to motivate the world. My best to you and as always keep your head up and your chest out.

  3. Rebecca said

    I am 24 and 3 months out from my second open heart surgery. I live in Tennessee but would love to support this project in some way if I can. What can I do?

  4. Terressa said

    Iam 28 years old and I had my open heart surgery in 2002, at the age of 22. I had my valve replaced, and I was left with a scar i call my life line. I just wanted to say Thank you for doing something like this, it’s nice of you to try to show people were no different from them.

  5. Jillayn said

    I am 40 and had my mitral valve repaired on March 13th, 2009. I did not have open heart surgery but opted to have robotic surgery. I have several small scars with the largest one going directly through my right breast. I am currently struggling with all of the emotional variables that I have felt prior to, during and now after this surgery. I think this project is beautiful and could be so healing for women that have had to go through this profound experience. I would love to support this project in some capacity.

  6. I am 26 and I am about to go in for my second open heart surgery. First was very young to repair a VSD, now I am getting my arotic valve replaced. I would love to talk to anyone who has had the operation, or help out with this cause anyway I can.
    My email is feel free to contact me, I will be getting my aortic valve replaced in Septmeber

  7. Holly Spang said

    Seven months ago, at the age of 35, I had open heart surgery. It is wonderful to see this project in the works and I hope I can contribute in some way. Please feel free to contact me at


  8. Aimee Jackson said

    Hello I’m Aimee, one of the other women with Marie. Hi Marie :)and friends. I’ve forgotten how much this site helps me. I’ve had 2 mitro valve replacements at 23 and 31 years of age. I am now 34 and still struggle with my “zipper” at times. I am 5’8 and a 120 lbs., a former mediocre model and I STILL struggle with beauty issues. I often don’t wear low cut shirts because of the questions that might be asked. Yet, I try really hard to remember what this zipper, has made me! A stronger, more vibrant, character driven, patient, pain resistant, BEAUTIFUL woman!
    Matter of fact I think I’ll wear that shirt today, that I bought a year ago and haven’t worn. I swear I put it on and then lok in the mirror and take it off. I lie not to you that reading these 2 year od comments and replies, I will wear that shirt today and be ME! I applaud you all and hold a glass up as well. I hope this project continues to evolve and thrive through all of our stories, struggles and hardships, to remember that our sugeries are VERY CLOSE TO OUR HEARTS! Thank you ladies, Angela and Marie! Cheers to our b-e-a-utiful zippers!

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